How to Break 80 in 2023: 3 Mental Tips from 3 Golf Legends

May 25, 2023
3 mins

For many of us avid golfers, breaking the elusive score of 80 remains a significant milestone!

Now that we're well into the golf season, we'll draw inspiration from three golf legends: Annika Sorenstam, Nelly Korda, and Tiger Woods. These champions not only possess exceptional skills but also masterful mental skills. By incorporating these particular action points into your game, you too can rise above challenges and achieve your goal of breaking 80.

  1. 'Embrace the Present Moment' - Annika Sorenstam

Annika, a true icon in the world of women's golf, emphasises the importance of being fully present when you play golf. To break 80, you must cultivate a mindset that focuses solely on the shot at hand, without allowing distractions to infiltrate your thoughts.

Annika's Action Point: Develop a Pre-Shot Routine

Take a leaf out of Annika's book and learn the 'Alphabet' pre-shot routine from the Golf Guru App. This ritual serves as a mental anchor, grounding you in the present moment. Visualise the desired outcome, accept the swing you're going to make, and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind. By establishing this routine, you will cultivate a sense of confidence and clarity before each shot, and ensure a fully committed swing.

  1. 'Maintain a Positive Attitude' - Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda often demonstrates the power of a positive attitude. She understands that golf is a game of ups and downs, and it is our response to those fluctuations that ultimately shapes our performance. To break 80, we must embrace adversity as an opportunity for growth.

Nelly's Action Point: Practice Positive Self-Talk

Engage in positive self-talk to foster resilience and maintain an optimistic outlook. This is a huge focus of the content we provide in the Golf Guru App, how to replace self-criticism with encouragement and constructive thoughts, through affirmations, journalling and more. Constantly remind yourself of your capabilities and focus on the aspects of your game that are strong. By nurturing the habit of a positive mindset, you will face challenges with unwavering determination and elevate your performance.

  1. 'Visualise Success' - Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, the epitome of golfing excellence, understands the immense power of visualisation. He advocates harnessing the mind's eye to create a vivid image of success, guiding every swing and putt towards the desired outcome. He often talks about 'putting to the picture', and even once said he believed that 'his creative mind was his strongest weapon'. To break 80, we must learn to visualise our shots too.

Tiger's Action Point: Create a Mental Highlight Reel

Take a cue from Tiger and create a mental highlight reel. Before each round, sit down for 10 minutes to visualise yourself hitting precise shots, sinking putts with confidence, and celebrating your accomplishments. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and sensations of success. The guided visualisations in the Golf Guru App (in particular the 'Birdies Visualisation' will help you consistently envision positive outcomes, so you feel empowered to translate those mental images into reality.

In summary, as you strive to break 80, remember the invaluable mental insights shared by Annika, Nelly, and Tiger. By embracing the present moment, maintaining a positive attitude, and harnessing the power of visualisation, you can elevate our game to new heights.

Remember, breaking 80 is not just a numerical milestone, but a testament to your unwavering determination and mental strength. So, step onto the course with confidence, unleash the golfer within, and make this season the year you sign for your first sub-80 round of golf.


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