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Get out of your head with the Golf Guru app

You're obsessed with technique

You're a dedicated golfer whose invested a lot into swing lessons and new equipment, but now you have 8 swing thoughts and your game isn't clicking! The Golf Guru app is for you.

You need structure

Do you aimlessly smash golf balls at the range? Our guided mental game lessons provide a framework for you to practice with purpose, helping you play and score your best.

You can't focus

If blow up holes destroy your score and you just can't seem to concentrate, we can help you. Our golf-specific meditations ensure you bring the same level of relaxed concentration to each round.

You're an overthinker

When your mind races, leading to anxiety, anger and doubt, don't worry - we have techniques and strategies to help you slow things down. With a calm, quiet mind you can enjoy golf to the fullest.

25+ hrs of guided audio lessons

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Created by expert coaches in golf psychology, mindfulness, mental wellbeing and more

Learn pre-shot routines for focus, breathing exercises to calm you down, and 7 day courses to build mental strength and confidence - all so you can play your best golf

"I never pay for apps, but this app was the best golf purchase I've ever made. This app really changed the way I approached the game. Really great, thanks a lot to Golf Guru!"

— Rusil, March 2022

Feel the difference from day 1

New ways of thinking that clear your mind, so you always enjoy your golf

Use Golf Guru anywhere

Want to improve your focus before a big competition? Or get more from your practice time? Whenever, wherever - there is a session for you in the Golf Guru app.

Mental Performance + Wellbeing

Better mental skills leads to more enjoyment and lower scores. Whatever your individual needs, Golf Guru helps you build a resilient mind that lets you get on with playing great golf.

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Drop shots off your handicap, permanently

Experience better golf for life with the Golf Guru app.

"This app has transformed my mental game, my handicap has gone from 22 down to 16.5 and I was sceptical to start with but help yourself give it a go and card your best cards."

- Dave Kane September 2021

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The Golf Guru app has everything you need if you're looking to become mentally tougher or stronger. But this isn't just about golf, it's about life as well. Everything I needed and wanted is in the app."

- Gabs Cowley, Ladies European Tour Pro (and Golf Guru user since 2021)

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