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Unlock the power of your mind and revolutionise your performance on the course. With Golf Guru by your side, you'll conquer the mental challenges that have been holding you back, and experience a whole new level of golf. Shoot lower scores, deal with pressure on the course, and ultimately enjoy your game more.

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Your Coaches

We’re working with the world’s top psychologists and mental game coaches to bring you cutting edge mental game content.

Dr Joe Parent

Dr. Joe Parent

World leading expert in Performance Psychology and Applied Mindfulness. Coach to numerous world #1's and multiple major champions on the PGA and LPGA Tour

James Sinclair

James Sinclair

Performance Psychologist, Golf Coach, and Expert Meditation Instructor

Lee Crombleholme

Lee Crombleholme

Top Sport Psychologist working with Pro's on the PGA, LIV and DP World Tour and the best upcoming amateur golfers

Rona Walker

Rona Walker

Positive Psychologist & Hypnotherapist working with winners on the LPGA Tour

Shoot Lower Scores:

Gain access to a treasure trove of expert guidance from our team of seasoned golf psychologists. Our guided audio sessions will equip you with the mental skills and techniques necessary to master your game, both on and off the course. It's like having a team of golf psychologists in your pocket, available whenever you need them.

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Practical drills and routines to use while you're practicing. Like having a mental game coach stood by you, so you're fully focused, bringing structure and meaning to your practice.

Golf Meditation

At Home / Driving:

Holistic training for when you're not at the course. Listen to meditations, learn how to visualise success, and hear from experts and pro’s on their mental game tips to build confidence.

Golf Meditation app

Track Progress:

Our app allows you to monitor your mental game development over time. See your scores improve, feel your confidence soar, and watch as your golfing dreams become a reality.


“This app is the best hands-on resource I’ve ever found for improving mental skills..

I love the guided practice sessions as they are extremely effective at helping to translate mental concepts to the course, where they can really make an impact. I also really enjoy the guided meditation sessions that help to teach breathing, focus, calmness methodologies that you can use to clear the mental clutter that shows up on the golf course.”

Andrew MacDonald

Texas, +2 Handicap

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Download the app and embark on a path to lower scores, enhanced focus, and a newfound passion for the game. There are free sessions to try with no obligation, and no trial needed.

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