Read these tips for better driving range practice

November 18, 2022
2 mins
James S

Apart from a few golfers who go to the range to unwind, it’s fair to assume that most, if not all of us, go to improve our golf.

But unfortunately, a lot of us are unaware that the way we use the range is having a detrimental effect on our game where it matters most – out on the golf course.

Have you ever come away from the range not particularly sure of what you achieved?

Or been surprised or annoyed that you didn’t hit those last few balls how you wanted, letting it knock your confidence?

Maybe you go and focus 100% of your time and energy on technique? Then find that your range game doesn’t transfer onto the golf course?

If any of these resonate with you, well it’s 100% likely that you’re going to benefit from integrating Golf Guru into your practice time.  


Let’s say you have 50 balls. Here’s what we recommend.

You’re going to want to stretch a bit, get loose. Then clip a few wedges and a couple of full shots to warm up - so let’s say that’s 5 balls gone.

Now’s the time for your technical practice, to work on your swing, in the early part of your bucket. Let’s imagine you have 2 new moves to work at. 25 balls makes sense, broken up into two batches of 10, working at each new move independently, then a final 5 balls for you to slot it all together.

Most golfers would carry on, working at the moves endlessly with no real goal in mind, until it’s time to go home.

We say – leave it there. You’ve done great work, using half your golf balls to work at technique. Park it.

So, for your final 20 balls you’re going to work at playing golf and improving your mental skills.

This is going to have the biggest positive impact on your golf on the course.

A great place to start would be ‘Mindful Practice’ – where we call the shots, and you hit them!

It’s a cool session where you have to change clubs each time, use your imagination to execute, and you only get one chance at each shot – a lot like real golf! It’s also a great way to help you build trust over your new swing moves.

Alternatively, you could listen to one of our mental game lessons. The ‘Alphabet’ routine or ‘Help with Negative Thoughts’, perhaps.

In these sessions you’ll improve your mindset and Golf IQ as you actually hit balls. It’s the easiest and most effective way to learn the mental side of the game – as good as having a golf psychologist right there, working with you one on one.

When you leave the range, we guarantee you’ll be in a totally different mindset.

You’ll have been focused during your technical practice, and got more from that time and effort.

And because of working at your golfing brain with the Golf Guru app, you’ll leave more confident, having learnt some mental techniques or practised in a way that’s more relevant to real golf.

Look, if you want to spend a bit more than 25 balls working on your technique - that’s totally fine.

But we really believe in the benefit of parking the technical side of things and practising in a way that’s going to help you more on the golf course. At least for a few balls at the end of your bucket.

So we have a little saying amongst us – ‘save a few, for Golf Guru’.

Remember that the next time you’re collecting your golf balls.  

Thank you for choosing Golf Guru.  

(If it helps, here’s the suggested breakdown...)

50 Golf Balls (45 mins - 1 hour)

5 balls – Warm Up
10 balls – technical practice 1
10 balls – technical practice 2
5 balls – technical practice combined
20 balls – Golf Guru session working at mindset and practicing with consequences.