How I reduced my handicap by 11 Shots using the Golf Guru app

November 18, 2022
2 mins
Nick H

I started the Golf Guru app in the previous beta version, so roughly this time last year.

My golfing struggles before the app, essentially were that I would have been anxious before a competition. Not for the reason I didn’t think I could play well. More for the annoyance that would come if I hit a bad shot or got a bad bounce. I would completely lose the head and then from that it would stick with me for 3 or 4 holes and all of a sudden, there’s the scorecard gone, and I’d spend the rest of the day really annoyed at myself.

I thought to myself there must be something out there to help me with this kind of thing and stumbled across the Golf Guru app. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s helped me to see and work through my struggles.

My handicap is now 5. When I started the app I was at 16.

How do I use Golf Guru? Throughout the day, and throughout the week.

In the mornings I wake up and use the affirmations - especially for focus and for confidence.

Post-round, I like using the app to store in the good shots after a round. It gives you that positive mood for your next round, but it also stores the good shot so you can recall to remember on the course - you know you have the ability to hit that shot.

I use the app for practice, on the driving range to really sink in my pre-shot routine, but also to remove any swing thoughts I might have.

The One Shot At A Time session has helped me not to look ahead, but not look back. Stay in the moment on the course.

Relaxed Concentration is also a key concept of how to calm within a round but to have a high level of focus to allow you to play your best golf.

Recently, what I've really enjoyed through it is the meditations for everyday life. Me and the wife before going to bed now will stick on the Deep Relaxation one, and it will knock us straight out for a good sleep, which is amazing when you have a 6 month old, it's a life saver.

You can listen to all the guided audio lessons and meditations Nick refers to in the Golf Guru app. Download it today to begin improving your mental game, and lower your scores and handicap.